Chamber Test

Seeing is believing!

It’s easy to tell you that Wetwear NCN (nitrogen composed neoprene) is the best neoprene for divers. You may have already confirmed that elsewhere. There is nothing like seeing it for yourself We placed samples of the best neoprene grades for diving from major neoprene manufacturers in our compression chamber along with Wetwear NCN neoprene. See for yourself how they compare.

The chamber
What began as a science project for our son over 20 years ago has turned into a valuable business tool for us. It’s great to be able to demonstrate to people in seconds what we’ve known for years, that Wetwear NCN neoprene resists compression more than any other neoprene available. When neoprene compresses as you dive deeper you become cold. Since NCN neoprene compresses very little it will keep you warmer. We use the chamber to demonstrate the compression factor on the various brands of neoprene.

The compression chamber was originally used to test depth gauges and diving computers for accuracy. Mounted to the top of the chamber is a depth gauge. The chamber is powered by a scuba cylinder. Air is fed from the scuba cylinder into the chamber. The more air added to the chamber the greater the pressure. Also as air is added to the chamber the depth gauge will indicate the simulated depth.

The test
When demonstrating the chamber test, we start at surface pressure and begin pressurizing the chamber. We stop briefly at approximately 30 ft, 60 ft, 90 ft taking it deeper for those divers who go deeper. After a brief pause, we then begin depressurizing. The visual results are amazing! As you will see for yourself, Wetwear NCN compresses less and recovers faster than other neoprene. NCN will last longer, is more compression resistant, durable and retains its flexibility and warmth retention capabilities longer.

Enough Said Time To Watch The Chamber Demonstration