our policies

Our guarantees and other policies you’ll want to know about

We have written these in as plain and simple terms as we can to make each point clear. If you have any other questions, please ask.


All wetsuits and other neoprene products are guaranteed for one year against defects from materials and workmanship. Wetwear does not guarantee or warrant against color change, light fastness, shading, or show through of the rubber or adhesive, effects from extended exposure to ozone, ultra violet (UV) rays, chlorine or other pool chemicals, nor do we warrant against cracking and crazing due to exposure to natural elements. We do not warrant against shrinkage due to prolonged exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight. You also indemnify Wetwear (hold us harmless) and its manufacturers against sensitivity or allergic reaction to neoprene and the materials used in construction and cleaning of suits sold by us.

We do everything we can to make sure you make the right choice and are happy with your selection before you buy it. Our stock size charts and custom measurement forms are extensive so you can be sure if your suit will fit before you order it. Consequently, we get very few requests for returns. We do accept some under the following limited conditions.

  • You must first contact us within thirty days of receipt to get a return authorization and state the reason you are seeking a return or exchange. We will not accept any returns for any reason without a return authorization (RMA). The RMA number must be on the shipping label.
  • We may accept unused wetsuit if it is a stock size and stock color and has not had any additions or alterations. Trying it on at home is fine, and expected. Using it in the water makes it used and not returnable.
  • Other returns may be accepted for exchange only, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Under no circumstances will returns be accepted on custom suits. However, we do guarantee the fit (see below).

We’re here to service your suit. Whether a seam needs re-stitching, a zipper needs replacing, you need alterations or repairs due to loss or gain of weight, we stand ready to help you. We will even service suits we don’t sell if it is feasible to do so (some construction methods make repairs impractical). All Internet orders are reviewed and confirmed upon receipt. Our years of experience alerts us to possible errors you may have made in your measurements. We will ask for confirmation before we proceed in drafting your pattern.

If we have any questions about your order, or suggestions you may not have considered that may enhance your enjoyment, we will advise you of them. We will make every effort to help you make the right choice and for us to please you the first time, right out of the box. We care more about helping you make that right choice than just making a suit to your specifications (including any possible errors in your measurements) and blaming you for any choices you made if you are less than totally satisfied. Communication can prevent a lot of problems and help you get the most enjoyment out of a suit that will last you for years. We want you to be happy every time you put it on during those years. Fit and finish. Please examine your new suit or skin when it arrives. We examine all suits before they leave for quality control.

If we missed something, we will take care of it. The sooner we can do it, the better. If your concern is one of fit, even on custom suits, be sure to read our page on how to put on a wetsuit before you call us assuming the suit is wrong. You may not have it pulled up properly, which will cause problems with fit over a large part of your body and make you think it is the wrong size. For a small number of those who purchase a suit, whether in store, by phone, mail or Internet, adjustments may be necessary after they receive the suit. Some people like the neck a bit lower and freer, and other adjustments are made based on individual preferences only possible in a truly custom suit. (We now offer the lower neck as a no-charge option. )

We realize and hope that you do as well, that even custom suits may not be quite to your total satisfaction at first because your preferences may be different than those of others. Ordering over the Internet, by mail or telephone, some people may be apprehensive and concerned about fit and satisfaction with it. If this is the case with you, please relax. If something is not quite perfect, you are not stuck with a less than perfect (by your preference, rather than ours ) fit nor have you been cheated. Rest assured that we will make whatever changes are necessary in order to achieve that complete satisfaction, just as we do for those who come in to our store. There is nothing that cannot be made right with understanding, patience and communication. We even make small mistakes at times and stand prepared to correct them.

How many companies or people do you know that are willing to admit that?
We are not a large apathetic corporation. We are a small, family business that takes pride in its work, have done so for more than two decades, and we are not the least bit indifferent to the valid concerns of our customers. We have built an excellent reputation locally and hope to do so globally over the Internet. If you are not disposed to allow adjustments to be made, then we suggest you purchase a wetsuit elsewhere. While chances are high you would be completely satisfied the first time, we would prefer not to deal with unreasonable people. Should your suit require any adjustments, you pay only the shipping to us. We will pay to return it to you when it has been adjusted to your satisfaction. For hard to fit people, we send the suit in the fitting stage to them to be marked for any adjustments before completion. The greater fit variables of the larger than typical diver make this a necessity in order to ensure a proper fit. We send a marking pencil and instructions as to what to do. To minimize these problems, we frequently take measurements of potential and future customers when they visit South Florida and are in our store. We keep those measurements on file and in our computer database. Should they decide to order a suit later, we know if they would fit in a stock suit and have their proper measurements if they have elected instead to get a custom suit.

If you visit South Florida and are considering a top quality wetsuit, stop on by and let us take your measurements. We’ll be ready when you are.

Custom items. please allow two to three weeks for production during summer months (Northern Hemisphere), and three to four weeks during fall, winter and spring. Please remember to add shipping time to the production time. We are often able to accommodate rush requests, so please ask if you have a special need to get a suit faster than usual. We’ll tell you if we can do it or not. If you absolutely must have it really fast, (like commercial divers that waited until the water got cold before ordering their suit), some rush orders can be accommodated for an extra charge of fifty dollars ($50). Our pattern drafter comes in early or works later to draft your pattern without delaying anyone else’s order.

We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover credit cards. You can order online, send an order in by fax or e-mail, or send it by postal service. We also accept checks and money orders if you wish to order by mail. Florida residents must add 6% for state sales tax.

On custom orders, your card will be verified upon our acceptance of the order. Your card will be charged immediately prior to shipping. We ship all over the world through UPS (United Parcel Service) and other carriers as necessary or requested . If you do not specify a method, we will ship UPS Ground or equivalent service. APO orders are sent by U.S. Postal Service only. We cannot guarantee to have any suit to you by a specific date. We are frequently asked to have suits completed in short time to accommodate upcoming dive trips and, while we are able to do so in some cases, we are not able to guarantee it. Whether shipping delays, mechanical breakdowns, employees out sick, sometimes things happen that cause delays. Please bear that in mind. Calculate the rate yourself if you want to know or need it when paying by check, add $10.00 for handling (box and packing, etc.), add the price of the suit with any accessories and options, and you have the total cost. You may also track your package from the same page.